Scottish Bulk Haulage

Our fleet of 15 tippers allows us to carry out a significant amount of bulk haulage. With bulk trailers up to 73 cubic yards we service the majority of feed and flour mills in Scotland whilst also handling large quantities of malt products for the brewing industry. We also continue to haul large amounts of both agricultural and aggregate merchandise. With our on-site facilities all tippers are regularly brushed and washed to prevent cross-product contamination. All Andrew Black tippers operate under UKASTA code of practice and our premises are registered for food. Andrew Black Haulage and Storage operates 10 self-emptying potato bulkers all insulated to prevent loss of temperature in transportation and to protect against frost. The majority of our drivers hold certificates from potato bulker groups.

If you’d like to discuss your bulk haulage requirements, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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